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Fine Art

Creativity - Imagination - Originality - In Any Style, Medium, and Subject. "An artist can technically draw anything, but one must give it love to succeed in perfection."







Displaced to Athens, Greece from a small modest villa on an island across Italy, Argostolion, Kefallinia, Greece, after a devastating earthquake arriving to the US was inevitable. Tutored prior to age five helped in advancing in school and previously knowing the English language.Already noticed and encouraged by teachers and the principal in Greece, to draw the passion continued in all arts.Here in the US, the encouragement was the same by many wonderful teachers in Illinois, with art projects phenomenally full of creativity, and fun.


The most prominent interest in modern art was Surrealism.Intrigued and fascinated by the mystic of such in-depth analysis that delved into the subconscious became a primary concentration.  Meeting some master artists at this time was a most exciting treat with an intellectual reciprocation upon interacting that contributed in confidence, creativity, and stretching the imagination beyond.


Although, academically advanced and full of originality at a tender age attention was overwhelming as well as, exciting that helped to have a father for a short time prior to his death.He was against exploitation of young children, at the same time he was stifled by the lack of funds that had depleted due to repeated repositioning.  The US, a land of opportunity, hope for our world’s progress, and a supporter of the Greek founders of Democracy, helped connect to a conservative and humble home of necessities.  Thus giving artistic ideas and designs when approached to inspire creativity and adding to the rejuvenation and beauty in our life was gratifying with the exception, and under parental advice, that no artists name be entertained, as well as, when the name was obvious that no copying was to be made.


Since funds were moderate continuing an extensive curriculum in school was not possible.  Through competition after finishing high school in the US, studying art continued in Athens, Greece, at the University Politechnion, Anotati Scholin Kalon Technon.  Emphasis with the technique of precise measurement for a fundamental base was a great practice for any composition, and medium.  Studying the phenomenally precise symmetry in the ancient sculptures and ruins enlightened a more natural interpretation and visual awareness.


Due to an overturn in the Greek Government and a friend being removed from his thrown, although, many school friends were ascertained it was best to return to American.  Possibilities and offers were available in many sectors of art and entertainment, but a unity that produced two children took precedence at the time.Painting continued at a slower pace, but came to a stop after entering the workforce upon the disunion of the marriage.


Although, creativity and art became a small addition to office work, a boardroom level of presentations in a more commercial venue returning to the arts is especially gratifying.  Just from scratch or executing the many compositions creatively envisioned in mind, both past and present will dominate new accomplishments.  Now, open for commission.