"If you want to use any of my artwork for the basis of some of your
own artwork, or copy one of my paintings in your own hand, or use the
contents of any of my papers as a jumping-off place for your own ideas

or research, do it... no problem.  One reason I publish on the Web, is to

share my work with whoever can find a use for it.  I appreciate receiving

credit when my work is used or republished.  A link to my website, and

a brief email to let me know you are using it, is appropriate.

If you steal my work, by claiming it as your own, you are a lamer, and
will eventually wind up looking like a fool, when you can't explain to
people why it is, that you can't duplicate the work you have stolen,
but I can, and do, on a daily basis. The best reason for not
plagiarizing is that it defeats the learning process.  The second best
reason for not plagiarizing is that eventually, people will discover
your deception, and think not-very nice things about you.  

Be good to yourself."